Toyota High Roof Hiace 14 seater

Toyota High Roof Hiace  14 seater

The Toyota High Roof Hiace 14 Seater is a versatile and spacious minibus designed to accommodate both passengers and luggage with ease. With its distinctive high-roof design, this vehicle offers ample headroom, ensuring a comfortable ride for all occupants.

Inside, the cabin is thoughtfully designed to prioritize passenger comfort and convenience. The 14-seater configuration provides generous legroom and individual seating comfort for each passenger. The seats are adjustable and cushioned to ensure a pleasant journey, even on longer trips.

Equipped with modern technology and safety features, the High Roof Hiace prioritizes both comfort and security. 

The vehicle’s powerful engine delivers a smooth and efficient performance, making it suitable for various transportation needs, whether it’s for group travel, or shuttle services. Its reliability, durability, and spacious design make the Toyota High Roof Hiace 14 Seater an excellent choice for those seeking a practical and comfortable transport solution